Awaken Astonishment | Be Remembered. Be Rewarded. Be Refreshed.
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Ambassador of Awe = Toddini

Astonishment & Engagement Expert /
Engaging Your Senses, Emotions, & Intellect

Shows in Texas.

Upcoming public shows / camps: Toddini Magic Camps

Dallas: August 14-16, 2017 – 10-12pm / Intro to Magic Camp / Ages 6 – 13 are welcome / Call Laurie Tharp to register 214.860.1570 and/or use this link: Intro to Magic Camp #3

Dallas: August 17, 2017 – 1pm / Alcuin School / Montessori – Magical Beginnings / private show for students to awaken their curiosity and desire to learn. Shhhh, it’s a surprise event!

Dallas: Lots of corporate events in the works.

Ambassador of Awe, Todd Sinelli aka “The Great Toddini” has given the gift of astonishment to crowds in Dallas, New Delhi, Dubai, Guangzhou, Las Vegas, to Lansing and to literally tens of thousands of people across the globe. Need a fresh, new, and engaging speaker for your corporate event? Need a keynote speaker focused on creating better communication, collaboration, and creativity from your staff? How about having a fun and fabulous celebration with excitement, engagement, and entertainment? If so, Toddini will show you how powerful the principles of astonishment can be when applied. You and your group will be in for a fun and fabulous event, guaranteed!


Eight Cities / Eight States / Eight Epic Events . . . attend show #1 on Valentine’s weekend: Astonished. 2.12.17

Awaken Astonishment Tour. Astonishment. Anyone. Anywhere. Anytime.

When was the last time you were truly astonished? How did it feel? Was it something you saw, someone you met, or someplace you visited?

I want to help awaken:

  • Your senses. Not only all five of your senses, but your sense of humor, wonder, and _______?!
  • Your attention. The incredible feeling you get when you realize you are alive, aware, and attentive.
  • Your imagination. This infinite power to create, dream, and explore.
  • Your emotions. Feeling better. Feeling something to look forward to and embracing those moments.

This event is imaginative, ingenious, and incredibly influential. Attend only if you want to really awaken astonishment in your life—I promise you will!


Company Celebrations.

The Awaken Astonishment message is designed to engage, elevate, and enhance your senses and results in your organization, group, or team feeling motivated, creative, and connected. Past events hosted at The Ritz-Carlton, Hawaiian Falls Theme Park,, Chick-fil-A,, Hope Pediatrics, and many more. We love to make magic happen and to bring a touch of wonder and astonishment into the lives of you and your guests!


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Together with Toddini

Todd Sinelli grew up in Michigan. He was educated on the east coast, wrote books on the west coast, and has traded in the financial markets in Chicago, done missionary work in Italy, served as director of international expansion for a Dallas-based restaurant brand, and has been a professional magician.

Through engagement, excitement, and excellence, you will experience what it feels like to be fully alive by having almost ALL your senses activated by what you see, hear, and sense during the show. 

Learn how principles of astonishment can be applied to your life and profit you personally, professionally or even spiritually. Mediocrity won’t last. Astonishment will. 

Pedigree: Michigan State University, BBA / University of Dallas, MBA / The Wharton School, Executive Education

office #: 323.TODDINI (863.3464) // email:


We feel most alive when enjoying life through the heightened experience of engaging and enjoying our senses. The reward you will feel is one of connection, creativity, and astonishment by being awakened to how wonderful it feels to be alive and aware.

This is an experiential presentation with all who attend being captivated, engaged, and intrigued the entire event. If not, I am one of the few speakers who has a 100% money-back guarantee!